Latah Soil and Water Conservation District

District Projects

Below is an overview of Latah SWCD conservation projects, organized according to the primary natural resource being addressed. For most of these projects, private landowners provide matching funds in the form of labor, equipment, and personal financial contributions.

Forest Health
  • Management Planning - Big Bear Creek
Funding Sources: Latah SWCD has submitted an application to the Idaho Department of Lands and the USDA Forest Service for forestry planning on private lands and riparian restoration work.

Palouse Prairie
  • Plantings
  • Propagation
  • Pollinator Habitat Enhancement
  • Rare Plant Surveys
Funding Sources:
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game - Landowner Incentive Program (LIP)
  • Intermountain Joint Venture
  • Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Soil Health
  • Lime Application Demonstration Project

Funding Sources: Latah SWCD was awarded a Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Columbia River Carbonates has pledged matching funds. Additional matching funds will be provided by five producers who have volunteered to participate in the project. Soil testing will begin fall 2012.

Steelhead at Dutch Flat Dam
Wild steelhead at Dutch Flat Dam near Troy, Idaho. Photo by Brett Bowersox, IDFG.

Steelhead Habitat
Funding Sources:

Water Quality
  • Livestock Exclusion Fencing - Corral Creek, East Fork Potlatch River, Spring Valley Creek
  • Off-Site Water Development - Corral Creek, East Fork Corral Creek, Moose Creek
  • Road Stabilization - East Fork Potlatch River
  • Road Relocation - Corral Creek, Feather Creek
  • Road Decommissioning - Corral Creek, Feather Creek, East Fork Potlatch River
  • Monitoring - Corral Creek

Funding Entities:

  • Bonneville Power Administration
  • Idaho Office of Species Conservation - Snake River Basin Adjudication Fund (SRBA)
    • Funds originate from the US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Idaho Department of Environmental Quality - Clean Water Act §319 Program
    • Funds originate from US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission - Water Quality Program for Agriculture (WQPA)

Latah Soil and Water Conservation District
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