Latah Soil and Water Conservation District


The Working Conservationist

Spring 2009.pdf (1.0 Mb)

  • Meet the District Supervisors: Cody Anderson
  • Latah SWCD Has a New Blog
  • Meet the District Supervisors: Wayne Jensen
  • Of Eggs and Bunnies
  • New Farm Bill Assists the Transition to Organic Crops
  • Calendar of Events
  • Attracting Bluebirds
  • How to Subscribe to Latah SWCD's Blog
  • Bo and Vinny
  • 2009 Annual Conservation Plant Giveaway


Winter 2009.pdf (1.3 Mb)

  • Meet the Supervisors: Kevin Meyer
  • 2008 Poster Contest - Water is Life
  • The Snowman Cometh
  • Effective Pasture Management
  • Celebrate National Ag Week 2009
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Snow -Flakes
  • Calendar of Events
  • Bo and Vinny
  • Conservation Education


Fall 2008 .pdf (1.2 Mb)

  • Meet the Supervisors: Dave Huggins
  • Conservation Plants Given Away in May 2008
  • 2009 EQIP Sign Up Extended
  • EQIP Funding for Livestock Operations
  • A Leaf of a Different Color
  • NRCS Requesting Contractors for Field Office Directory
  • The Moons of Autumn
  • Do You Know Jack?
  • The History of Garbanzos
  • Injury by Example
  • Calendar of Events
  • New Crop Residue Burning Program

Summer 2008.pdf (.8 Mb)

  • Meet the Supervisors: Stu Goldstein
  • Annual Conservation Plant Give-Away
  • 21st Annual Conservation Awareness Day
  • Deadlines for the 2009 Farm Bill Programs Approaching
  • Spring Steelhead
  • Great Opportunity to Control Erosion
  • Idaho Agriculture - Meeting Consumers' Demand for Quality
  • 4th Annual Palouse Basin Water Summit
  • Red-tailed Hawks
  • NRCS Discontinues the Use of Russian Olive in Idaho
  • Book Review: The New Economy of Nature
  • Welcome Ree Brannon

Spring 2008.pdf (1.3 Mb)

  • Meet the Latah SWCD Supervisors: Kyle Hawley
  • What's the Buzz About Pollinators?
  • Project Underway to Increase Steelhead Habitat in Northern Idaho
  • Can You Name These Wildflowers?
  • Farmer Fights For His Beloved Soil
  • Seeking Palouse Prairie
  • Time To Think About Weed Control
  • Privacy and Conservation
  • Keep Birds Healthy - Keep Your Feeders Clean
  • Book Review: The Horse Interlude
  • Tree Planting Advice
  • That'll Frost Ya!
  • Harbinger of Spring
  • Tillage System Choices
  • Calendar of Events
  • Return to Sender
  • Bo and Vinny
  • 2008 Annual Conservation Plant Giveaway 

Fall 2007.pdf (1 Mb)

  • Conservation Assistance Available
  • NRCS Urges Farmers to Apply Early for EQIP
  • Financial Incentives Available for Conversion to Minimum Till
  • Brian Brent is at Home on the Range
  • New LSWCD Web Site
  • Photo Point Monitoring of Re-vegetation Projects
  • In Consideration of Ladybugs
  • Collecting Native Seeds for Restoration Projects
  • Palouse Basin Water Summit
  • Photos Welcome
  • Wanted: Rush Skeletonweed
  • Bearing Fruit
  • Livestock's Arsenic Equivalents
  • Bo and Vinny
  • Calendar of Events

Summer 2007.pdf (1.1 Mb)

  • School Children Learn Outdoors
  • 1,787 Plants Given Away
  • NRCS Helps Fund Innovative Conservation Projects
  • Why Plant Sedges and Rushes?
  • Direct Seed Mentoring Program
  • Maintaining Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Yeilds
  • Hunting Private and Publics Lands 

Spring 2007.pdf (1.4 Mb)

  • Working for Steelhead and Water Quality
  • Coming of the Camas Bloom
  • Welcome Jennifer Farley
  • Cattle Operations Benefit from Regional Water Quality Program
  • Arbor Day 2007
  • Celebrate Bird Day at the Same Time as Arbor Day! 

Winter 2007.pdf (1.4 Mb)

  • Annual Speech and Poster Contest
  • New Tax Incentives for Conservation Easements
  • Winter Wildlife Wonderland
  • Family Forest Conference
  • Web Soil Survey 

Fall 2006.pdf (800 Kb)

  • Be on the Lookout for Rush Skeletonweed
  • Everyone Lives in a Watershed
  • Bird Habitat and Winter Food Sources
  • EQIP Sign-Up Deadline in November
  • Ranchers Welcome to Nutrition Balancing Workshop 

Spring 2006.pdf (1.8 Mb)

  • An Old-Timer Shares His Love of the Land
  • 19th Annual Conservation Awareness Days
  • Annual Plant Giveaway
  • Gardening for Wildlife
  • Welcome to Newcomers
  • Update from the Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Conservation Success Stories Abound in Idaho
  • Book on Noxious Weeds Available 

Winter 2006.pdf (1 Mb)

  • 2005 Summary Report of Accomplishments
  • 2005 IASCD Poster and Speech Contests Winners
  • Genesee Wins Competition
  • Biodiesel Production Workshops
  • CRP Sign-Up March 27
  • 2006 Conservation Security Program (CSP)
  • We Can Help You With Conservation
  • Conservation Funding Available for Cow Creek and Union Flat Creek
  • Conservation Funding Available for Potlatch Watershed
  • Landowners are Key to Potlatch River Steelhead Study
  • Dick Hodge, Local Forester, Recognized for Service 

Latah Soil and Water Conservation District
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